Bouncing Bags

we believe in second chances, in redesigning and redefining the rules. that’s why we design and create top quality bags repurposing second-hand basketballs, without affecting their features. each piece is crafted in italy and it is unique and incomparable, like a bounce.


BGBL bags are a mix-and-match of high-quality leather and reclaimed sport materials. Our goal is to combine eco-friendly awareness and a deep-rooted passion for Italian design, adopting sport’s multidimensionality as the main concept.


Each bag is unique and embodies a different aspect of the history of sport.

The clutch bag B-ONE, the men’s backpack B-FIVE, the bucket bag B-THREE are not just product but essentials elements, perfect for any situations.

The professional hand-cut and the flawless handcraftsmanship preserves the uniqueness of each basketball: BGBL embraces this distinctiveness and converts it into a product made of leather, fabric and history.

We never stop playing: BGBL translates the sport dynamism into an individual and personal dimension, through distinct identification codes.

zaino in pelle bgbl



The BGBL collection is designed to be practical: designer bags perfect for both men and women, for your everyday life or for an evening out. The unisex backpack is the element that adds an extra touch style to your workplace, the bucket bag becomes your daily loyal companion.

borsa pallone da basket



BGBL is a sport-based project: our bags are designed to bring history back to life through a flawless blend of recycled and new fabrics. Each bag comes with its own story and its own personality.

palloni da basket


Team Spirit: we supply basket teams with brand-new basketball in exchange for second-hand ones.

interno borsa bgbl


Handcraftsmanship: each basketball is hand-cut and blended with high-quality leather.

bgbl borsa in pelle


Exclusive Design: a few selected and unique works of art for a Made in Italy, limited-edition collection.

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