Unisex Backpack, 100% Urban
The B-FIVE series, a flawless blending of 100% genuine leather, hand cut basketballs and black or green lining, is designed to be worn both in the city and in the countryside: the ideal item for your workplace, student life or the gym. The bag with the black lining is slightly padded to protect your electronic devices, whereas the bag with the green lining is purposely designed to be more spacious.
B-FIVE is the perfect multi-use bag; you can carry it around like a shoulder bag or firmly hold it in your hand like a briefcase. An ideal option for both men and women, it comes with external and internal pockets and a zipper that opens up to an essential extra space.

Choose the lining you prefer before proceeding with the purchase.

Handcrafted bag, the acquired item may differ from the picture.